About us

The Combimill Sakala and Combimill Reopalu OÜ sawmills are operated by Combi Group. The group’s principal activity is the production of sawn timber from roundwood.

Combimill Sakala OÜ was first founded in 2012 with the business name of Combimill OÜ. Prior to the establishment of Combimill OÜ, the Suure-Jaani forestry holding, involved in the areas of forest management and wood processing, had been operating in the company’s buildings and on the land since 1947. Numerous other wood processing companies have also operated on this land at later dates, such as Sakala Saeveski AS, Suure-Jaani Puit, etc. The lands owned by Combimill Sakala OÜ amount to 12 hectares. On 2021, there is fifty five people employed at Combimill Sakala OÜ.


Combimill Reopalu OÜ was founded in 2014. Prior to its establishment, a utilisation plant operated on the site, which was turned into a wood consumables factory in 1953. Construction work gathered pace and a timber factory building with a warehouse and an office were erected in 1955. In later years, OY Metsä Timber Ltd, Finnforest, and Metsä Wood also operated here. The land owned by Combimill Reopalu OÜ covers about 8,5 hectars. On 2021, Combimill Reopalu OÜ is employing 56 people.


The modern, state-of-the-art technology being used on site allows the two sawmills to cut roughly 260,000 cubic metres of sawn timber a year, in total.

The first cut in the Combimill Sakala OÜ sawing process is made by a Söderhamn Eriksson band saw, followed by a Linck dissection saw for the second cut.

On the sawn timber sorting line, a Brookhuis FMI automatic moisture content meter and the modern RemaSawco BoardscannerQ camera sorter are both used, which ensures the good quality of the material. Mühlböck and Hekotek drying kilns are used to dry the wood.


Combimill Reopalu uses a Cambio debarker to debark the logs and a Söderhamn Eriksson band saw for cutting. Then, a Vislanda profiler is used as a profiler and the material is cut using a Vislanda saw. The edging line being used also comes from Söderhamn Eriksson. Fresh and kiln dried timber is sorted and packed on separate lines, both lines are from Rosen & Co Maskin. Tekma, Valutec, WSAB, and Termolegno driers are used to dry the timber.

A total of 95% of the material produced by Combimill Sakala OÜ is remains in Estonia for further processing. The main market is Estonia, but the timber is also sold to Latvia and Japan. Of the material produced by Combimill Reopalu OÜ a total of 75% is processed further in Estonia and the material is also sold to Latvia, Germany, Japan, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

Combimill Sakala and Combimill Reopalu are members of the Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association, and of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The production process used at the Combimills is FSC® and HT-certified. Combimill Sakala is also PEFC-certified.

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