We only buy controlled and FSC®-certified Estonian wood for our production processes.

We hold valid FSC certificates, and Combimil Sakala OÜ also holds a PEFC certificate.

Combimill Sakala OÜ
FSC Mix Credit NC-COC-009099-C
FSC Controlled Wood NC-CW-009099-C
PEFC certified NC-PEFC/COC-009099-D
The quality criteria which are applicable to Sakala logs
Combimill Reopalu OÜ
FSC Mix Credit NC-COC-009099-E
FSC Controlled Wood NC-CW-009099-E
The quality criteria which are applicable to Reopalu logs
We implement the FSC delivery chain management system in order to prevent the illegal trading of wood, which originates from the following sources:
a) illegally obtained wood;
b) wood which has been obtained by violating citizenship or traditional rights;
c) wood from forests in which high conservation values have been endangered as a result of forest management;
d) wood from natural forests which have been turned into plantations, or from areas which are not being used as forestry land;
e) wood from forests which have been repopulated with genetically modified plants.